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Yoga at 50 and Over

Yoga at 50 and over, a positive power move, planned to keep you looking younger and feeling your best.  Diet and an active spiritual mind is guaranteed to add great benefits along your journey.

Your practice will include:

In a seated or lying down position softly close your eyes. Take in some breaths Inhaling from your nose while expanding your belly and exhaling through your nose and lowering your belly. This breathing is called belly breathing, used to bring awareness into the body and calm the mind.  Do this 3 to 5 times.  

Sun Salutations

Developing a daily routine doing Sun Salutations is a perfect way to affirm the dawn of a new day.  These twelve flowing movements enable you to stay in touch with your inner self. You will find total BEING, grounded in an awareness of a quiet surrender of connection to your heart.  Additionally, as you repeat the sequence movements over and over again, the body warms up to a healthier nervous system and a good sense of being.   

Cat and Cow 

Here you get 2 asanas for one.  They Lengthen the entire spine by arching in (cow) and rounding in (cat). Each pose strengthens and improve posture and balance,  spine and neck, abdominals and hips, as well as the upper and lower back.  

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

In yoga we call this your final relaxation pose.  The purpose is to help relieve the mind, body and any stress from your practice.  This pose has been found to lower blood pressure as well as mild depression.  The idea during this pose is to melt away into the earth, knowing that the earth is holding you.  This is the perfect time to quiet the brain, ground the body into a quiet meditative state.



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