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Yoga Poses & Muslim Woman

Yogafitness4me is dedicated to provide divine love and cultivation of the heart as a path to listen to the call of the divine within.

Salah and Yoga is one of the most popular finest practices all over the world because of it's lucrative powers in movement.  The muslim daily practice and blessing of salah  provides social and spiritual benefits.  The physical and psychological activity is comparable to the yoga asanas (poses).  Both of these practices afford the individual good health, happiness and longevity when observed on a daily basis.

Muslim and Yoga Poses Association

Intention (Niyyah)  The first thing for Muslims and participating in a Yoga practice is to make your Intention.  Your intention reaffirms your commitment to your actions. 

Muslim-Qiyam (Standing for Prayer)                     Yoga-Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Ruku'u-(Bending forward)                                     Ardha-Uttanasana (Forward fold)

Sajdah-(Head, Knees, Hands on The Floor)     Child Pose-Balasana (Resting Pose, floor)   

Julus-Kneels on ground/Tashahhud  Varjasana- Sit on ground, cross legs for easy digestion

Muslim-Dhikr- A form of devotion and rememberance in rhythmic repetition of Gods name in the heart and tongue

Japa Yoga-Mantra repetition chant a single word or combination of words to intensify our good intent.



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