Mind, Body & Spiritual Balance.

 Your Intention is the first step to transformation.  Your inner purpose directs your outer destination.  At YogaFitness4Me before we begin any practice we say our intention for everything we do.  Taking in the present moment.  Focusing on modification in yoga asana (poses).  Maintaining an awareness of non-judgment on the work we do for our bodies is our fundamental nature towards generosity, compassion, honesty and a peaceful practice.  Staying focus in our hearts with no expectations during our practice.  Believing that our true self invites us to trust what our bodies are telling us.  Moving and flowing only at your own perfect pace and knowing the rest will come in time.  

Addressing five components of fitness:  cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility.  At last, possessing only what we need in the present moment and not provoke attachment to injury.  Care deeply and enjoy fully.


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